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Admin Code1

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Country Code Admin 1 Code Name ASCII Name Geoname ID
MV47Vaavu AtholhuVaavu Atholhu1281843
MV46Thaa AtholhuThaa Atholhu1281881
MV45Shaviyani AtholhuShaviyani Atholhu1281892
MV44Raa AtholhuRaa Atholhu1281918
MV43Noonu AtollNoonu Atoll1281937
MV42Gnyaviyani AtollGnyaviyani Atoll1281945
MV41Meemu AtholhuMeemu Atholhu1281985
MV39Lhaviyani AtholhuLhaviyani Atholhu1282096
MV38Kaafu AtollKaafu Atoll1282208
MV37Haa Dhaalu AtholhuHaa Dhaalu Atholhu1282293
MV36Haa Alifu AtholhuHaa Alifu Atholhu1282294
MV35Gaafu Dhaalu AtholhuGaafu Dhaalu Atholhu1282328
MV34Gaafu Alifu AtholhuGaafu Alifu Atholhu1282329
MV33Faafu AtholhuFaafu Atholhu1282393
MV32Dhaalu AtholhuDhaalu Atholhu1282447
MV31Baa AtholhuBaa Atholhu1282478
MV30Northern Ari AtollNorthern Ari Atoll1282497
MV48South ProvinceSouth Province8030589
MV49Upper South ProvinceUpper South Province8030590
MV50Upper North ProvinceUpper North Province8030591
MV51Central ProvinceCentral Province8030592
MV52South Central ProvinceSouth Central Province8030593
MV53North Central ProvinceNorth Central Province8030594
MV54North ProvinceNorth Province8030595